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SuperTigre Newsletter Form

SuperTigre Newsletter Form

supg0268As dependable as ever – a better value than ever before.

Ask an old pro why he keeps coming back to SuperTigre engines, and you'll hear the same reasons pilots have cited for over 50 years: Hassle-free starts. Easy adjustments. Affordability. Longevity. Durability. Reliability. And POWER. But now, more and more modelers are discovering an additional reason for choosing SuperTigre: value. The price of enjoying SuperTigre performance has never been lower — and that makes SuperTigre engines a better value than ever.ø

SuperTigre engines are nothing fancy — just supremely practical investments with solid, trouble-free performance. Features include dual bearings for long, low-friction life, a one-piece crankcase webbed to prevent distortion and lightweight cast heads to cut weight and cool better. Bolt-through mufflers that can be angled for maximum installation ease. Ringed versions include thermally treated, low-friction steel sleeves, while ABC version deliver true, hard chromeplated cylinders and the extra power that all-out aerobatics require.

The G-75 Ringed and G-90 Ringed offer added power in the space of a .60. The GS-40 Ringed, GS-45 ABC and GS-51 Ringed give mid-sized models extra aerobatic power with minimal additional weight. The G-34 Ringed C\L and G-51 Ringed C\L offer control-line pilots consistent performance, a fuel-efficient venturi and an extra-long needle valve. Plus, all SuperTigre engines are protected by a 3-year warranty. For long-lasting performance and outstanding value, depend on SuperTigre.

Now, the way to go in glow is also the simplest way to affordable high-performance electric power, too. Three brushless motors, two ESCs and six LiPo packs make it easy to make perfect choices for most park fliers.

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Electric Power

G-61 Ringed & G-61 ABC
G-61 Ringed & G-61 ABC

Ringed version features a low-friction steel sleeve - high-compression ABC engine offers extra power for aerobatics.

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