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SUPG1814 12163146 Carburetor G61/75/90S
Parts Listing

Stock No.Mfg. No.DescriptionPhoto
SUPG202722592342Air Filter Hood 40-3000
SUPG220022250445Throttle Barrel Screw
SUPG235622111862Needle Rachet Spring Nut
SUPG241222082378Carb Retainer 61-90
SUPG244522170815Throttle Barrel Spring G-60/All
SUPG245622172779Ratchet Spring Retainer All
SUPG420522313144Throttle Barrel S61
SUPG447522210286Fuel Nipple/Pressure Fitting All
SUPG471722170814Idle Screw Spring All
SUPG486622262774High-Speed Needle 34-4500 R/C
SUPG488022263099Idle Needle G34 H/GS40
SUPG498522072813Needle Assembly S61K-S3000
SUPG509022020562Carb O-ring G60
SUPG509322023104Idle Needle O-ring G-34 Heli/All
SUPG569522250346Carb Screw Set G34/34H
SUPG592022302773Spray Bar G61-S3000
SUPG606022333236Throttle Arm G-34 Heli/G-500/All
SUPG622122322332Carburetor Body S-61

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