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SUPG0160 11003464 S-61K RING RC WITH MUFF
Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.
Stock No.Mfg. No.DescriptionPhoto
SUPG181412163146Carburetor G61/75/90S
SUPG156212523412Silent Muffler .61-.90
SUPG327222012445Crankshaft S-61/G-61 Ring/ABC/X-61 ABC
SUPG509022020562Carb O-ring G60
SUPG257522032121Connecting Rod S61-X61/G61 Ring/ABC/X61K RE
SUPG414722042684Cylinder Liner S-61K Ring/G-61 Ring
SUPG280222052606Crankcase S61K 
SUPG241222082378Carb Retainer 61-90
SUPG473522101912Lock Cone .61-.90
SUPG235522110247Carburetor Retainer Nut Standard
SUPG546022112167Prop Nut S61-S90
SUPG551022121803Rear Bearing 61-90
SUPG440522121908Front Bearing 61-90
SUPG515522131638Wrist Pin Retainer S61-X61 
SUPG524522201847Piston S-61 Ring
SUPG447522210286Fuel Nipple/Pressure Fitting All
SUPG584522220295Shaft Spacer/Bearing Washer S61-S90
SUPG641522221903Washer Prop .61-.90
SUPG638522221907Drive Washer .61-.90
SUPG534022231205Piston Ring S-61 Ring/G-61
SUPG453022240332Gasket Set S61 Ring
SUPG580322252645Muffler Screw Set S-61
SUPG577722252732Engine Screw Set 61K
SUPG486622262774High-Speed Needle 34-4500 R/C
SUPG658522271773Wrist Pin S61-X61
SUPG215022281848Back Plate S61 
SUPG445022281849Front Cover S61 
SUPG392322292525Cylinder Head S-61K/G-61 Ring/G-61 ABC
SUPG157022482519Exhaust Stack S61-90

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