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SUPG0735 11003306 G-34H ABC Heli w/o Muffler
Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.
Stock No.Mfg. No.DescriptionPhoto
SUPG180012162970Carburetor G-34 Heli
SUPG331522012928Crankshaft G-34 Heli
SUPG508022020561O-ring Venturi G-21
SUPG259822033234Connecting Rod G-34/G-34 Heli
SUPG419122043233Cylinder Liner G-34 Heli
SUPG294022052954Crankcase G-34 Heli 
SUPG237522080210Carb Retainer 21-29
SUPG474622103026Lock Cone G-34 Heli 
SUPG235522110247Carburetor Retainer Nut Standard
SUPG550522121192Rear Bearing X-11/G-34 Heli 
SUPG547522122834Rear Bearing G-34/G-34 Heli
SUPG517022132077Wrist Pin Retainer S25-G34
SUPG520822202989Piston G-34 Heli
SUPG447522210286Fuel Nipple/Pressure Fitting All
SUPG643222222815Steel Washer/Shaft Ring X-11 
SUPG643122223023Washer Shaft G-34 Heli 
SUPG639622223028Washer Prop G-34 Heli 
SUPG639422223109Drive Washer G-34 Heli
SUPG530022232990Piston Ring G-34/G-34 Heli
SUPG448522243041Engine Gasket Set G-34 Heli
SUPG580622252647Muffler Screw Set S-29
SUPG568522253042Engine Screw Set G-34
SUPG486622262774High-Speed Needle 34-4500 R/C
SUPG663022273024Wrist Pin G-34/G-34 Heli
SUPG208522283116Back Plate G-34/G-34 Heli 
SUPG374122293230Cylinder Head G-34/G-34 Heli
SUPG157422482589Exhaust Stack S-29/G-34 Heli

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