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SUPG0270 11002968 G-4500 RC 2.8 Cubic Inches
Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.
Stock No.Mfg. No.DescriptionPhoto
SUPG163122482981Exhaust Stack Swing G-4500
SUPG182712163686Carburetor G3250/G4500/60CC Twin/S-3000
SUPG202822593127Air Filter Hood S3000
SUPG217022282925Back Plate G-4500
SUPG235522110247Carburetor Retainer Nut Standard
SUPG241022082016Carb Retainer S2K-3K
SUPG259522032994Connecting Rod G-4500
SUPG293022052922Crankcase G-4500
SUPG338022012935Crankshaft Front G-4500
SUPG338522012978Crankshaft Rear G-4500
SUPG404022292923Cylinder Head G-4500
SUPG419522042999Cylinder Liner G-4500
SUPG438022123002Front Bearing G-4500/60cc Twin
SUPG446022282924Front Cover G-4500
SUPG447522210286Fuel Nipple/Pressure Fitting All
SUPG464022243037Engine Gasket Set G-4500
SUPG474222102479Lock Cone G-4500
SUPG475522513040Motor Mount G-4500
SUPG486622262774High-Speed Needle 34-4500 R/C
SUPG487022253211Engine Screw Set G-4500/60cc Twin
SUPG506522020577Carb O-ring G-4500
SUPG510022133003Wrist Pin Retainer G-4500
SUPG529022203004Piston G-4500
SUPG540522232957Piston Ring G-4500
SUPG545522112012Prop Nut S2K-3K
SUPG546522120241Front Bearing 60cc Twin
SUPG548522123000Rear Bearing G-4500
SUPG549022123001Front Cover Rear Bearing G-4500
SUPG580822253174Muffler Screw Set G-4500
SUPG581522253038Engine Screw Set G-4500
SUPG582722022477Seal Oil 60cc Twin/G-4500
SUPG583222022476Steel Washer/Shaft Ring 60cc Twin
SUPG639222222481Drive Washer 60cc Twin/G-4500
SUPG642022222011Washer Prop S2K
SUPG642222222480Washer Shaft 60cc Twin 
SUPG662522273008Wrist Pin G-4500

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