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SUPG0280 11002310 60cc In-line Twin 3.6 Cubic In.
Parts Listing

Stock No.Mfg. No.DescriptionPhoto
SUPG182512163006Carburetor Mag G4500 
SUPG330222012473Crankshaft Front Twin 
SUPG330322012474Crankshaft Rear Twin 
SUPG420122012475Drive Flange Twin 
SUPG509022020562Carb G60
SUPG503522021254 Back Plate S2K-S3K
SUPG583222022476Steel Washer/Shaft Ring 60cc Twin
SUPG582722022477Seal Oil 60cc Twin/G-4500
SUPG507322022490 Set Twin 
SUPG256222032561Connecting Rod 60cc Twin 
SUPG417522042213Cylinder Sleeve S3K-Twin
SUPG288222052478Crankcase Twin 
SUPG241022082016Carb Retainer S2K-3K
SUPG472022082052Key Set S2K-Twin
SUPG646322082485Woodruff Key Twin 
SUPG474222102479Lock Cone G-4500
SUPG235522110247Carburetor Retainer Nut Standard
SUPG545522112012Prop Nut S2K-3K
SUPG546522120241Front Bearing 60cc Twin
SUPG551522122005Rear Bearing S2K-60cc Twin/G-3250
SUPG517522132141Wrist Pin Retainer 2K-Twin
SUPG528022202216Piston S3K-Twin
SUPG642022222011Washer Prop S2K
SUPG642222222480Washer Shaft 60cc Twin 
SUPG639222222481Drive Washer 60cc Twin/G-4500
SUPG539022232232Piston Ring S3K-Twin
SUPG463122242491Gasket Set Twin
SUPG433722252482Flange Screw Twin 
SUPG600222252483Stay Bolt Set Twin 
SUPG579722252489Engine Screw Set 60cc Twin 
SUPG579822252562Engine Mounting Screw Set 60cc Twin 
SUPG662022272233Wrist Pin S3K-60cc Twin
SUPG445722282374Front Cover Twin 
SUPG475722282375Middle Housing Twin 
SUPG215722282484Back Plate Twin 
SUPG398522292286Cylinder Head S3K-Twin
SUPG163022482094Exhaust Stack S2K-3K

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