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Web Site - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

How do I submit a question or comment about your web site?

Please use our web site comment form.

Why don't you have prices listed on your web site?

We do not list prices as this web site is for an international audience and the prices vary from dealer to dealer and distributor to distributor. Instead we encourage you to contact your local SuperTigre retailer or international contact for the current prices on the products that interest you.

How can I get more information about a new product which is not yet listed on your web site?

New product information is generally put up on our web site when the product is officially released to our dealers in the U.S. Please visit your favorite hobby shop and our web site regularly for new technical information as it becomes available.

Can I order your products through your web site?

All SuperTigre products are sold exclusively through Great Planes Model Distributors. To locate a dealer/hobby shop/retailer in your area, please use our dealer locator. If you are an international customer, please visit our international contacts list to locate the international distributor/dealer nearest to you.

I live outside the U.S. and Canada. Who do I contact for information or assistance with my SuperTigre product?

Please contact the SuperTigre dealer/distributor in your region.

I used to own product X. I can't find it on your web site now. Do you still make it? If not, will you produce it again?

If the product you are seeking is anything other than an accessory or repair parts for another item, then unless a product is brand new, if it is not listed on our web site then the product is no longer produced. Unfortunately, we cannot answer whether or not a product will be reproduced in the future.

I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

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