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.18 Inboard Engine

.18 Inboard Engine

Drop-in to power UP your .18-size RTR boats!

SuperTigre makes it easy to get more power out of your .15–.18 size boat. With its standard-size shaft, the .18 Inboard Marine is a direct fit into many models — and the ideal upgrade for higher performance, greater reliability and easier operation.

  • See an instant increase in speed and performance compared to your RTR model's stock engine.

  • Included Super Start backplate accepts AquaCraft Models' 12V Super Start (AQUP0001) for quick, easy starts — without using belts or recoil starter ropes.

  • Designed in the USA — by the same engineers who develop race–winning R/C boats.

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  • ABC Piston/Sleeve Construction

  • Dual Ball Bearing Supported Crankshaft

  • 2–Needle Rotary Carburetor

  • O–Ring Sealed High– and Low–Speed Needles

  • CNC Aluminum Water-–Cooled Head
  • Sealed Front Bearing

  • Super Start™ Backplate Starting System

  • O–Ring Sealed Backplate

  • Dual Bushed Connecting Rod

  • Side Exhaust

glow plug
sealed front bearing
water-cooled head-head button

Includes Hot #4
Glow Plug

  • Reliable and long–lasting.
  • High heat for excellent idle and acceleration.
  • Designed especially for boating applications and conditions.

Carburetor allows precise settings for consistent running.

  • Rotary design.
  • O–ring seals on high– and low–speed needles.
  • Composite body.
The front bearing is sealed to prevent unwarranted air and fuel from passing through. This provides more consistency to carburetor settings and greater longevity for your engines. A water cooling system helps to lower engine temperature for maximum longevity and operating efficiency.
piston and sleeve
12V Super Start
Super Start backplate set

Stock Number:
Bore: 0.622 in (16.8 mm)
Stroke: 0.535 in (13.6 mm)
.184 cu in (3 cc)
Crankshaft Thread Size:
.197 in (5 mm)
Practical RPM:
6,500 – 32,000
Output: 2.2hp @ 31,000 RPM
Weight: 8.88 oz (251.7 g) with glow plug
Glow Plug: Hot #4 (included)

90– day limited warranty (USA and Canada only). See instruction manual for details.

ABC (aluminum, brass and chrome) piston/sleeve construction adds to the .18 Inboard's durability and performance. Use the easy– to–hold AquaCraft 12V DC Super Start™ (AQUP0001 not included) to start your .18 Inboard Engine quickly, even for break–in – with no pulling on a recoil starter rope. The .18 Inboard's Super Start backplate is designed to accommodate the AquaCraft Super Start starter. It can be replaced with the standard backplate for greater engine efficiency, but starting will then require a starting belt (AQUP0002 available separately).

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