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3-Year Warranty G-2300 photo

A great engine for getting into giant-scale flying

For modelers interested in getting into flying large-scale aircraft, the new G-2300 makes an excellent engine choice. This ringed power plant features a front intake, side-exhaust design, and is priced to be very affordable.

  • 1-piece distortion-free crankcase has been strengthened, without being bulky

  • High-quality, all-metal carburetor comes with high and low-end needles to ensure precise mixture control and instantaneous throttle response

  • Muffler includes pressure tap and positionable exhaust outlet

  • Extremely light weight design

Stock Number: SUPG0248
Displacement: 1.42 cu in (23.2 cc)
Practical RPM Range: 2,000-12,600
Output: 3.7 hp @ 12,600 rpm
Weight w/o muffler: 31.0 oz (897 g)
Weight with muffler: 38.0 oz (1077 g)
Includes: G-2300 Carb, Silent Muffler G-2300, Glow Plug
Recommended Props: 18x8, 18x10
11003723 G-2300 Parts Listing


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